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My musical compositions result from the reflection of my subconscious.  For the most part, these compositions create atmospheres of sound which have peculiar motions of images and statements which appear from nowhere, from my unconscious, but they were recorded and thereby saved.

In my early musical pieces I was greatly under the influence of romantic composers, especially the compositions of Frederic Chopin.  My first composition to be written down - Mazurka in d-moll - was dedicated to him, my favorite composer.  Later my musical language began to develop in a more atonal direction; in these, one should listen to the pauses which occur between sequences of images, or to the development of a given statement, where there is a slowing down of the motion which focuses a more concentrated attention to each sound-sign.

An American composer, David Carp, wrote about my music : “Pavel Konyukhov’s compositions have a direct and introspective quality that brings out his personality in a highly original way. His music has a certain pattern that resembles speech, as if he is inviting the listener to accompany him while he is on a relentless quest for answers.”

Over the years of my creative development, I have composed about forty piano pieces, contained in 24 opuses.  None of the compositions after the first ones has a title.  I decided to give them only numbers in chronological order so that the fantasy of the listener would not be fettered by a theme which a title might suggest.  The opuses which contain more than one piece were created at the same time and one should consider them as a unit.

A link to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@konyukhovpavel

Listening to my musical compositions entails a certain amount of work.  If you find that you don’t understand them, or do not feel the logic of the development in one or another piece, then try to listen to it again several more times in a different mood, state; try to get attuned to my style first, without paying too much attention to piano technique, quality of recording, or imperfections of the piano.

Please leave your impressions of my work in the guestbook on this web-site or write to me privately to the email shown in the section “Contacts”.

If you are a musician, I would be happy to collaborate with you.  On your request, I can send you the scores of my compositions.  It would be very interesting for me to listen to your interpretations of them.  Some time ago my book of scores “Selected Piano Works” was published.  You can get the information about it by clicking here.


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